Alison Gardiner

Full time juggler; kids, work, author, broadcaster and a film script.

I love every one of my 52 seconds of me-time each day.

I write because I’m curious. A story bubbles up in my head and I absolutely have to know the ending.

As I write 95% by the seat of my pants and 5% by plotting, even I don’t know what will happen next;

Every writing day is an adventure.

It’s like living with a slowly evolving motion picture inside my head.

It’s fascinating writing fantasy, as I can toss in anything I like.

The desire to keep adding the bizarre and continue stirring took root on the school run. Rolling along, I’d be telling a tale about a girl who had created tartan ink and was using the spell on an aardvark, when a small voice from the back would ask, ‘And what about the fluffy pink dragon?’ ‘Of course, I was just coming to that.’ ‘And the flying yeti with three legs, who loves surfing and lives with his guitar playing, Olympic snowballer godmother?’ ‘What a coincidence. Yarold was about to enter, stage left.’

Fantasy is frustrating, caffeine-overload inducing, but brilliant and undoubtedly keeps the brain in gear.



″A page-turning adventure.″

Chris Awdry

″A superb slice of teen fantasy.″

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