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Man of La Mancha

Needing change, I recently spent an evening at a fantastic performance of Man of La Mancha at the London Coliseum where the only visible lions were critics and although Christians doubtless abounded, they were audience rather than rippage entertainment. The play is...

The Goblin’s Curse- progress

Finished! Hooray! Well sort of. Sort of finished, not sort of hooray; there's only one kind of hooray. Book 3 is now out with beta readers so hopefully will available on general release fairly soon. My first beta has said it's the best one yet; I'm so thrilled I could...

Rock, Paper, Quizzers.

I’ve just arrived back from speaking at the Gibunco Gibraltar Literary Festival where one of the highlights was 95 year-old Nicholas Parsons and his wife hosting a panel game show. He’s inspiring (still breathing in); I’m aspirating to his Peter Pan-esque life. On a...

World Book Day- Snowed Off!

World Book Day- Snowed Off!

I recently went to Jersey to do a couple of school visits and found that all schools were closed on World Book Day because of the snow. Disaster! The very definite silver lining was that Jersey did look lovely in the snow, quite a different image than I have had of it...

Croatia Bound (to be fun)

Croatia Bound (to be fun)

Jacob's ladder, in the famous dream, stretches from Earth to the heavens, and fittingly I met Jacob when we were about to fly to Croatia. Although only six months old, Jacob bleeped on going through the metal detector at Manchester airport. The guards frisked him,...

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