What a fabulous event I attended last evening. SCBWI threw an agent’s party for writers and illustrators to meet selected literary agents in London at the Royal Overseas League. SCBWI members are just fabulous; so friendly enthusiastic and so willing to help each other. The evening was brilliantly organised. First we had a panel discussion where enormous amounts of salient advice was given and we scribbled madly to take down these words of wisdom. Then we had the chance to meet agents and chat one-to-one. Every one of them was friendly, interesting and welcoming. I was thrilled to be able to chat with so many talented and fascinating people and it was the long trip from the South coast. I managed to get home by the next day (ok, half past midnight, to be precise). However, as I drove home still fired up by the event I felt lucky not to have been the delightful writer from Yorkshire, who had an even longer journey then even I had. I hope that the evening will be a success in terms of authors meeting their future agents.

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